Local collector has a keen eye for WW2 military memorabilia

Collecting is a hobby for many people and can even be a passion for some. Here in Olds we have a collector of World War II military memorabilia which features items from both sides of the conflict. Andrew Kelly is passionate and knowledgeable about his collection and he took some time from reviewing his latest acquisitions to talk to us about his collection. Collecting memorabilia and artifacts takes a keen eye to see the difference between fakes and the real thing. Although he has many replicas in his collection such as this German army uniform, Andrew is always on the lookout for authentic pieces to add to his growing inventory.People in the area have been known to ask him for advice and an evaluation of items they have uncovered in attics and trunks. Andrew welcomes anyone who comes to him with memorabilia and usually has a story to tell about the item and its place in history.

Andrew has an exhibition called Kelly’s World War 2 Front coming up in March at the Olds College Frank Grisdale Hall where he will have many of his items on display.


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