Local artists battle it out in front of hundreds of on-lookers

Twelve local artists went brush to brush at the Olds Art Battle in front of hundreds of on-lookers at the Olds Legion on May 10th. This first time event for Olds was part of a national series of battles which is now in its fourth year. We spoke with some of the artists before the battle started.

Artists competed with each other by painting for twenty minutes with the audience voting for their favourites. With more than two hundred and forty people in attendance it was easy to declare the event a success. We spoke with Debbie Ohlhausen a local gallery owner and organizer for the art battle. The event raised funds from ticket sales, a silent auction of donated items and paintings. A live auction of the last round of paintings drew bids from the crowd with the wining painting bringing in $500. All profits from the Art Battle went to benefit two causes in the community, the Olds Emergency Shelter and the Olds and District Hospice Society. According to Debbie Ohlhausen more than $5,000 was raised.

Local artist and high-school art teacher Renu Matthew was voted the winner of the Olds Art Battle. She will go on to the regional finals with a chance to attend the Art Battle 2014 national finals in July.

OCTV Radio – Play the audio only version


octv_art-battle-olds_1 octv_art-battle-olds_2 octv_art-battle-olds_3 octv_art-battle-olds_4 octv_art-battle-olds_5 octv_art-battle-olds_6 octv_art-battle-olds_7

by Dean Owen
[email protected]
May 20, 2014


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