A night of video game madness is coming to the Olds Municipal Library

[Video courtesy Olds Municipal Library, Olds Alberta]

On Saturday June 14 the Olds Municipal Library is hosting a Video Game Madness Night. This is a fundraiser for the Olds Municipal Library with free entrance and a cash bar. The event, for ages 18 or older, targets a different audience of people to participate in library events. The average age of gamers is around 30 years. Admission is free. The Library will have consoles available but participants are encouraged to bring consoles, controllers, games, and TVs so more games can be run at the same time. The Video Game Madness Night will focus on a select few games such as Halo 4, Titanfall, and NHL 14 but gamers are able to bring any other multiplayer games they would like to play.

OML-fb-game-posting copy

According to the event posting on the Library’s Facebook page, they will have a diverse set of consoles available:

–          Xbox One will be set up with a few games like Titanfall and other Xbox One titles;

–          Xbox 360 will be connected though a LAN connection with primarily Halo 4 or NHL 14 with up to 8 vs 8;

–          PS3 will also be set up but with no games in general to specifically play;

–          PS4 will not be provided by the library, so it will be up to people who are attending to bring their own PS4 console if they wish;

The Video Game Madness Night will start at 7:00pm and go to Midnight. Gamers are invited to come out to have some competitive fun with others while raising funds for the local library.


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