Funding for youth drop-in centre surpasses goal at Race For Kids in Olds

The Boys and Girls Club in Olds had lots of support at the Race for Kids fundraiser on Saturday May 31st. There were eleven teams of four members each taking part in this national event to raise funds for a local initiative of the club. The teams traveled through the Uptowne Olds area to take on challenges at eight different locations hosted by community sponsors. Mindy Grover, executive director of the Olds Boys and Girls club told us that the funds raised would go towards the youth drop-in centre program which would provide programs for older youth.

The Olds Boys and Girls Club provides programs at their location on 51st Street in Olds, schools in the community and at Innisfail schools. The funding target of twenty-five thousand dollars to support the youth drop-in centre was surpassed with a total of more than twenty-six thousand dollars being raised.

OCTV Radio – Play the audio only version


octv_race-for-kids_1 octv_race-for-kids_2 octv_race-for-kids_3 octv_race-for-kids_4 octv_race-for-kids_5 octv_race-for-kids_6 octv_race-for-kids_7

by Dean Owen
June 2, 2014


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