Meet the Olds Town Council – Rudy Durieux


(excerpt from Town of Olds website)

Rudy, and his wife of 36 years, Wendy, moved to Olds in 1989. They are parents of 5 children who attended school in Olds. Rudy and Wendy are grandparents of 9 grandchildren and most of July is spent with the family. Rudy and his family moved to Olds to become principal of Midway Community School and administered there for 6 years. After 2 years at Westglen School in Didsbury, Rudy assumed the principalship at Reed Ranch and was there for 16 years. This past year Rudy retired and remains at Reed Ranch on a part-time contract. During his administrative and teaching time, Rudy served as president of the Community Schools Association of Alberta and as president of a local ATA association. Rudy and Wendy have been involved in the community. With Wendy taking the lead, Rudy helped to begin the Olds Rapids Swim Club. Rudy currently is the president of the Westview Co-op and been on the Board for 9 years. He also serves on the Olds Central Highlands Golf Course and is the current vice president. Rudy and his wife have participated in the Town cleanup and the annual Food Bank food drive. It is a privilege to be able to shape the future of our town by serving on the Town Council.

OCTV Radio – Play the audio only version


by Dean Owen
[email protected]
June 30, 2014


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