A busy summer for O-NET, the community owned broad-band service provider

O-NET has had a busy spring and summer following up on their new business plan which they presented to Olds Town Council. The community owned gigabit broad-band network service provider has been active installing fibre optic cable in the town as well as signing up new customers to the service.

Nathan Kusiek, O-NET’s Director of Accounts spoke with us about this summer’s activities.

O-NET is holding a town hall meeting on September 9 at 7:00pm in the Pomeroy Inns and Suites at Olds College and the community is invited to attend.

We spoke with Paul Everest, Manager of Corporate Communications for O-NET about the event.

Nathan Kusiek also talked about some new services being showcased at the event.

O-NET is a community owned service which originated with the Olds Institute for Community Regional Development. Nathan Kusiek spoke about the provincial and national attention the project has gotten in recent years.


OCTV Radio – Play the audio only version



octv-onet-openhouse-9-2-2014-nathan octv-onet-openhouse-9-2-2014-open octv-onet-openhouse-9-2-2014-paul photo1


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