Anonymous Good rally in Olds encourages community to do good and change the world

The community turned out for a rally to support Anonymous Good’s #Good4_Olds challenge in Centennial Park on October 4th. Volunteers served up beef on a bun from the local Co-op to attendees who ranged in age from babies in strollers to seniors.

Dorothy ‘Dot’ Negropontes from Olds brought the idea from California after a visit there last spring. At the rally was Hilary Carr one of the co-founders of the initiative.

People are encouraged to post their acts of good on the website under the Good4_Olds Challenge. The goal to reach 5,000 acts of good by June 2015.

OCTV Radio – Play the audio only version


octv-good4olds-rally-10201401 octv-good4olds-rally-10201402 octv-good4olds-rally-10201403 octv-good4olds-rally-10201404 octv-good4olds-rally-10201405 octv-good4olds-rally-10201406


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