Good_4 Olds & music video launched at Deer Meadow School Concert


At the recent Christmas band concert at Deer Meadow School in Olds a group of students launched Ryan Notley’s Change the World music video. The students shared the story of the program and introduced the Good_4 Olds Challenge to the audience between performances of the grades 7 and 8 bands. The challenge is for the community to perform and then post 5000 acts of good on the Good _4 Olds website. The challenge ends in June 2015.

The video of Ryan Notley’s original song “Change the World” includes his performance at Bean Brokers Cappuccino Bar in Olds and scenes from local Good_4 Olds rallies in town. The entire video can be viewed on the Olds Community TV website and on our YouTube channel.


deer-meadow-video-launch.Still00101 deer-meadow-video-launch.Still00202 deer-meadow-video-launch.Still00303 deer-meadow-video-launch.Still00404


by Dean Owen

[email protected]


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