Olds Town Council Regular Meeting March 23, 2015 (Full Version)


  • Land Use Amendment Bylaw 2015-03
  • Southeast Industrial Area Structure Plan Amendment Bylaw 2015-04
  • Municipal Development Plan Amendment Bylaw 2015-05
    (public hearing date and consideration of 2nd and third reading)
  • Land Use Amendment Bylaw 2015-09.
    (consideration of first reading and sets a public hearing).
  • Update ‘old’ Graffiti.
  • Verbal Update: Process for Walk in Clinic.
  • Mountain View Emergency Shelter Society – Land Lease.
  • Spring Fling 2015 Request for Proclamation.
  • Municipal Government Act
  • Olds Splash Park.
  • Bill 20- Municipal Government Act Amendments.
  • Small Community Grant Application: Networking Neighbours
  • Reports from Council and Minutes from various authorities.
  • Financial Update.
  • Accounts Payable Report.
  • Correspondence and Information Report.
  • In-Camera.

OCTV Radio – Play the audio only version



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