“Tiny Town, Gigantic Good” Deer Meadow students help make the #Good4Olds challenge a success


From the website:

The small town of Olds, Alberta, Canada decided to do a challenge for Good: They challenged the community to do 5,000 Acts of Good and to share those Acts of Good on Anonymous Good, all by the end of the school year.

With the help of its 8,000 or so citizens, and with Deer Meadow School leading the way, they not only met that goal, they met it with flying colors at over 5,300 Acts and counting.

Did you catch that? 8,000 citizens and over 5,000 Acts of Good?? What a town!

And because they’ve shared these Acts of Good on, their Good goes on to do great work in the world—freeing slaves, planting trees, and feeding the hungry. Talk about powerful. . . . more

(link to article here)

(Video courtesy Peggy Callahan –

#Good4Olds Events in our community:





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