Capturing your life’s moments in video – Workshop at Olds Municipal Library


Capturing your life’s moments in video

– It’s as easy as ABC/123 –

Where: Olds Municipal Library

When: Saturday August 15 2015 – @ 12:30p – 4:30p

Level of experience: beginner to intermediate

A four hour workshop course on how to create better videos of your life’s special moments.

Regardless of whether you use a cell phone or a fancy camcorder, our ABC/123 tips and advice will give you the guidance and rules on how to tell a story with video.

Topics covered:

a. Composition – Framing your shots using a basic technique employed by photographers, cinematographers and artists every day for the past five centuries. Help tell your story with angles, perspectives and other points of view. Tips on how to eliminate the ‘shaky camera’ syndrome.

b. Audio – How to get the best out of your camera to capture the other half of the story: the audio. What extra gear you need to get the ultimate audio tracks for your video. Tips on how to use music legally.

c. Lighting and illumination – Using natural light and how to get the most out of the illumination where ever you shoot video. Sunlight, stage lights, house lights and even candle-light can all be used to get incredible images. Learn how to manage light and illumination to help tell your story.

Bring your camera gear because we will be spending time practicing what we learn. Don’t fret if all you have is a phone or tablet – if it has a camera it can work. If you don’t have a camera we can supply a limited number of iPads for use during the workshop. Just let us know when you register if you will need one.

Register with the Olds Community Library at

Phone: 403-556-6460
Email: [email protected]

Workshop Facilitator:

Dean Owen, Owner & Manager of Olds Community TV


Dean worked as a professional photographer in his younger years and was always interested in documenting the events around him. He has worked as a freelance writer and photographer for a daily newspaper in Central Alberta. He has worked on a variety of television shows featuring sports, news and talk show interviews. His work in audio and video production for use as marketing tools on the internet brought him to Olds where he has been since 2011. Sensing the need for television coverage of local news he started up Olds Community TV which features video journalism and documentary coverage of news and events in our community.


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