O-NET delivers good news to the Town of Olds Council on Nov 16 2015

by Dean Owen

Joe Gustafson, Board Chair of O-NET, and other members of the O-NET team presented the successes to date as well as some of the benefits it is providing to the community to the Olds Town Council. Some of the high-lights of the presentation were:

  • O-NET is in a cash flow positive position which means the company now generates enough revenue to fund it’s daily operations;
  • Local business subscribing to O-NET have saved over three hundred thousand dollars through the use of the giga-bit internet services and VOIP telephone services offered;
  • Economic return to the community with O-NET being a major employer in the community with 21 full-time staff on the payroll plus contractors;
  • 2015 was a banner year for O-NET with over 1200 subscribers signed-up, a target of adding another 500 in 2016 and not including the connections at Olds College;

OCTV Radio – Audio Only Version




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