Questions fly at Olds Bill 6 Consultation

by Kristen Hubschmid

On the 9th of December, Agricultural Minister Oneil Carlier and Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson answered questions about the controversial Bill 6 at a forum in Olds. Despite the weather, Albertans came in droves looking for answers to their questions from the government that represents them. During the forum in Olds, Bill 6 which pertains to labour code, privacy law and occupational health and safety regulations, was ushered through the third reading in the legislature. Tensions ran high, and many at the rally in Olds were concerned with the lack of consultation and transparency during the Bill’s earlier stages.

The forum was preceded by a Kill Bill 6 Rally, and rural residents formed a convoy of mostly farm equipment, from Carstairs to Olds to protest the legislation. More than one-thousand concerned citizens, including farmers, ranchers and students, gathered at the Olds Cow Palace to make their voices heard. Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson said the Alberta government would go ahead with the bill, but consultation would continue to take place over the coming months to determine the specific regulations that will be enforced by the bill, and ensure the unique way of life on the family farm would be preserved. The five page Bill 6, with six pages of amendments, was passed into law the following day by the Alberta government.

OCTV Radio – listen to audio version here:


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