Responding to disaster: two stories from our archives

The wildfire in Fort McMurry has forced tens of thousands from their homes and businesses. Many mentions in the news and on social media have been made regarding disaster preparedness. We have covered two stories in the past and we have dug them out of our archives for republishing, hoping this will help us be ready in case disaster strikes.

Back in 2014, a representative from the Canadian Red Cross spoke to Olds Town Council about what they do – here is the story…

Canadian Red Cross offers services in Olds 

Published on Mar 19, 2014

A representative from the Red Deer office of the Canadian Red Cross gave a presentation at a recent Town of Olds Policy & Procedures Committee meeting. Leigh Baker a community development coordinator for the organization talked with us about the services they offer in Olds and the surrounding region. For more information on their services please visit their website at


Director of Emergency Management reports to Town Council 

Published on Jan 27, 2014

Bill Johnston, Director of Emergency Management for the town of Olds reported to Town Council on January 20th. His presentation reviewed the role of the Town in the event of an emergency or disaster and recent changes to legislation. Mr. Johnston provided specific information regarding emergencies in Olds after his presentation. Note: Since this was first published, Mr. Johnson has retired from this position.


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