Hometown cheers on wrestler at Rio Olympics

The community of Olds gathered at the Mayfair Cinema in Uptowne Olds to cheer for Danielle Lappage, a wrestler competing in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. The idea originally came from the theatre owner Louise Craig. She reached out to O-NET the locally owned gigabit broadband network company to arrange for the video feed of Lappage’s competitions. The doors to the Mayfair were open at 6:30 in the morning and hundreds of people from the community came in to celebrate and watch Lappage’s opening match. Donations from the event will be used to help fund a wrestling award at Olds High School.

The sponsors of the event were Otto’s AVU who provided tv’s for viewing outside the theatre, Tedd’s Food Mart who provided coffee and snacks, as well as the Town of Olds, the Olds Institute, O-NET and Mayfair Cinema.

Due to an injury she sustained in the warm-up, Lappage had to retire from the match and eventually the competition. The theatre continued the coverage of the wrestling events for the day and many stayed to cheer on the Canadian competitors including Erica Wiebe who won a  gold medal in her category.

lappage-1 lappage-2 lappage-4 open


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